Emergency Service

In the unlikely event that you should require emergency service on your UPS unit or batteries, Current Power services is your first choice for help.

Your call, regardless of time, will be answered by an employee of Current Power Services, not an answering service. Once your call is received, we will work with you to immediately begin resolving your situation by gathering important information about the current condition of your UPS units. Should you require immediate action, our knowledgeable field engineers are available to be dispatched to your site 24/7/365 and will arrive within 4 hours or less.

Once we arrive on site, our primary goal is to get your critical systems into a stable state and then work with you on determining the next step should it be repair, unit replacement or some other option that will work best for your organization.

By utilizing both our local and nationwide parts resources, we have access to a vast array of parts for almost every UPS model and can get your critical equipment back to proper operating condition quickly. Should your unit require immediate replacement, out partnerships with Gamatronics and Mitsubishi will help to expedite the process of getting a new unit to your site.