Recycling of Batteries and UPS Equipment

With all the planning that goes into purchasing and installing a UPS unit, you would like to think that once you place it somewhere, it will be there for majority of its usable life. However, that is not often the case. It's not uncommon for customers to move UPS units, shut them down for major electrical maintenance in their facility or decommission them all together.

Whether you are moving your UPS unit 10 feet or across town, planning for a major shut down or simply removing obsolete equipment, we can help your organization plan and execute a smooth event.

Our services include:
  • Assessment of equipment for reusability
  • Site walk to ensure that the project will completed when scheduled
  • Shut down of existing units
  • Preparation of items for transportation
  • Removal of equipment from site
  • Recycling of spent/unneeded batteries and equipment

Once your organization has made the decision to deem a piece of equipment no longer needed, the next hurdle can often be how to dispose of it.

We can help remove unneeded equipment from you site including batteries (both VRLA and wet cells), UPS units and other associated equipment and cabinets.

Rest assured that your equipment will not end up in a landfill, but recycled following the strictest of EPA guidelines. Upon request, we can furnish you with a receipt of recycling for batteries.