Remedial and Proactive Service

While most people take care to replace the UPS batteries at regular intervals, there are other components that should be replaced proactively as well.

The capacitors in a UPS unit have a limited number of years of optimal performance and should be replaced before they start to swell or leak and their performance is compromised. In the case of DC capacitors, as they age, their filtering capacity will be lessened. As they lose their ability to filter the current, that will allow AC current to leak into the batteries - which could cause failure of the battery string. For AC capacitors, there is an expected life of 8 to 10 years. The DC capacitors have a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years.

Another important UPS component is the bank of fans that cool your unit. At a certain age (which varies for each UPS unit), the fans will begin to wear out. Once 20% of them fail, you want to consider proactively replacing all the fans. If fans fail in the UPS, this can allow the UPS to overheat and potentially shut down the unit.

Once a component has been identified for replacement, either based on age of component or because of a failure, we will work with you and our network of suppliers to get your components as quickly and economically as possible.